Advisory Committees

In addition to your input, we've invited stakeholders from across our project study area to join advisory committees that will focus on developing key elements of this plan, including major policy decisions, community impacts, and technical feasibility. We will also be launching a transit academy to educate, involve, and empower civic leaders and community members to spread the word about the importance of a regional transit system, the transit vision, and how to implement it.

Technical Advisory Committee

Staff level technical resources. Land use, transportation, health, economic development, education, etc.

Member List

Policy Advisory Committee

Elected officials and policy experts from across the region (NC and SC).

Member List

Community Advisory Committee

Key regional influencers. Engagement via government, health & human services, economic development, employers, social services, and education.

Member List

CONNECT Beyond Transit Academy

"Deeper dive" forum for committee members, civic leaders, and community members.